Friday, September 14, 2018

the Business of American Injustice by Sydney Williams

The Business of American InjusticeThe Business of American Injustice by Sydney Williams
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The Business of American Injustice by Sydney Williams is about the injustice of the American system. He tells his story about how he and his wife had to go to prison for a technical violation of a statute they did not realize was a crime. Sydney Williams mentions how the system works in the prison as well as in the court room. He talks about the mistreatment in the prison, like not getting healthy food to eat, and how the workers prey on the inmates by selling them food and such. He also tells his story about how they confiscated all their belongings at their home. Sydney Williams said his story was still ongoing.

I thought that The Business of American Injustice by Sydney Williams was a fascinating story full of hope. I liked how he gave us the definitions of the terms of why he went to prison. I admit I’m still a bit confused on some of them. Sydney Williams went into great details of his incarceration, which were horrifying. It’s hard to imagine people treating other people like that. He explained what went on in the hearings too, which was shocking to read. I never had any love for the government, no matter what the party is, but now I have even less love for it. I do hope that he never gives up and that he and his wife are still together. I have always wondered if true love exists and, thanks to them, I know it does. I hope it turns out well for the author.

View all my reviews He was nice enough to give me some really good feedback: Renee, Your review really touched my heart, I have been very blessed with a loyal and supportive wife. All the adversity has made us stronger and I know there is so much purpose in our story to share. Your words "Horrifying and Shocking" are on point to our story. American people need to know that it can happen to anyone. I know your review will have an impact and people will want to read my book. Many Blessings, Sydney Williams P.S. True Love does exist in the Universe and it will come for you!

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