Sunday, September 9, 2018

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Garden Walks: Hand in Hand-Poems to relax by, by Gary William Burns, is a book of poems about Gardens, love, and a little pain. Gary William Burns uses a relaxing rhythm and cadence to calm you. Even the photos have a calming effect. He shows you the beauty and wonder of Nature and love. Even the pain is shown as beautiful. He describes the scenery in great detail. It almost sounds like music. It’s a lovely book of poems, and should be read in the Garden, for even more effect. It’s a short book with many short poems, that can be read in one evening.
I thought Garden Walks: Hand in Hand-Poems to relax by was a lovely read. Gary William Burns does a wonderful job with the rhythm and cadence. I like that it had short poems and the book could be read in one evening. I think it’s a great way to relax, especially with a nice cup of tea. Gary William Burns does a wonderful job with world building as well. I can literally see the Gardens and flowers he describes. I was impressed at how I can feel the love. If I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be Garden Nova, but honestly, it is hard to decide. I loved how peaceful I felt afterwards. I had wished I had a Garden after that. I think that the next time I need to relax, I will resort back to this book, instead of an app.

I got some lovely feedback from Mr. Burns:
Excellent Reviewer! Your sensitivity to the poetry is outstanding. Your grasp of the totality of the book as a calming and relaxing expose is superb. The composition is very nicely structured and flows well. Gratus Aeternum. Your humble poet 5+

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