Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday's Wishes

Since it's October, and that means Autumn, I decided to go with a theme that means Autumn to me. When it gets cooler, I like to curl up with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read a cozy mystery. I've been hooked on them lately.

Btw, if you write or know someone who writes cozy mysteries, please check my homepage. I would love to do a free book review for you. Thanks!

I read two recently that happened to be book 2. So my wish this week is to get book 1 for each of them. I liked these series, cause you don't have to read them in order to understand them, like you sometimes have too.

Playing with BonBon Fire(A Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery) by Dorothy St. James
Was a fun read. It's about about a girl who finally gets to run her family's Chocolate Shop, much to their dismay. She tries hard to show them she can do it, and starts working on a new truffle recipe. While she's doing that she's also in charge of the beach festival that her small town has every year. A long time friend of hers happens to be a famous musician, and he comes to do a show there. A murder happens on the beach, and her truffles is part of the evidence.  People are blaming her friend. Plus, she's also trying to find out who her real Mother is. 
I admit, I figured out who the murderer was, but it did take me a little longer than usual, I kept going back and forth. I'm hardly ever surprised these days. But the characters were fun. Her world building was really good too, I could picture myself at the beach. My favorite part was the fact that she had recipes for her candy at the end. Someday, I might actually try making them.
It's a fun and quick read. 

Writing is Murder(An Emlyn Goode Mystery) by Susan Lynn Solomon 
is a great read to get you into the Halloween Spirit. 
Emlyn is a writer who, apparently has a Witch in her family tree. She inherited the lady's Book of Spells. In her town there is an old Native American curse, and she's not sure if it's true. She was on the jury trial in the past cause of it. Years later, she's back on the family's case. She's in a writing group, and she thought she could trust them all, as they have been friends for a long time. One of them gets murdered. Her cop boyfriend has her as a suspect, so she does what she can to help clear her name, much to his dismay.
What I really loved about this, was that it had character's my age. I'm almost 50 and these days it's hard to find good novels about characters my age. It's mostly 20 somethings. I was also pleasantly surprised by the ending, she had a great twist. That doesn't happen to me very often. She even added a bit of time travel into this, which is one of my favorite subjects, and it was such a cool way of doing it. I think this is a definite must read, especially if you love Halloween.

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