I get quite a few feedbacks from authors on readersfavorite.
They were nice enough to give me some encouragement and tips on what to work on.

Btw, feel free to send me feedback on any of my posts, it would be greatly appreciated. I know my grammar is a bit rusty, been 30 Thanks!

By Susan Lynn Solomon -Writing is Murder(I have a small review, different than the one I posted, on the latest Wednesday Wishes)
Renee caught all I tried to accomplish in this third Emlyn Goode Mystery novel--including the intended humor. Thank you, Renee.

Gary W. Burns-Bridges to There
Exceptional reviewer! The review speaks unequivocally to the spirit and soul of the poems and provides insight into the very nature of the poetry. The appreciation of the poems as musical in nature reveals the rhythmic nuance of the poetry and affords those reading the review an excellent understanding of the singing of the poetry. Your composition flows wonderfully and your words reflects the breadth and depth of the poetry in a truly professional manner. Aeternum Gratus Your humble poet 5++
This was my favorite, I was quite shocked and pleased to see this.

Michael O'Keefe-Shot to pieces
You can tell she is a fan of the genre. She focused primarily on the nuts and bolts of the police story, failing to mention in detail the horrendous causes of the main character's dysfunction, and the central challenge and the turning point of the novel. Otherwise, a very thorough and professional review.
Honestly, I thought I only had so many words I can use, but found out later. So, thanks to him, I know what to look for when writing my review.

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