Free Book Review Info

     Thank you for your interest in getting a free book review.

  1. I read Fantasy, Science Fiction and Mysteries.
  2.  I can read any form: novels, poetry, novellas, short stories, anthologies..etc.
  3.  I can do epub, pdf(sometimes) or give you my kindle email.
  4.  Print copies are good too.
  5.  I will only do honest reviews, if I do not like your book, I will let you know and we can discuss options.
  6.  I would love to do author interviews with you.
  7.  I also do book tours.
  8.  I will also do Amazon reviews for you.       
  9.  I will not read any novels dealing with God. Sorry about that, It's personal.      

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       Thanks again, and good luck to you!



  1. I can understand not doing any reviews on books about God. There are so many interpretations, it would be impossible to do an honest one and not be criticized with vehemence.

    1. Thanks Debra, and that is a good point about the interpretations, I never thought about that. But ya, with all the stuff going on, I rather avoid the chaos.