Welcome aboard the Starship 2turnthepage! Hope you'll join me on a journey thru the imagination. It's time to explore strange new worlds(Star Trek), travel thru time, cast spells and suck people's blood, solve mysteries. In this journey, the sky is not the limit. 
Thank you for coming!

Authors-please read the free book review page for more info.
Readers-please read my blogs and join me in while we chat about them.

Edit: Please read my info page before sending me a request.
And I am sorry I do not read books dealing with God, I repeat, I do not read
books dealing with God. Sorry, it's personal.

Happy Reading!

Oh, and if you need more help this site is a wonderful site. It has lots of info  and contests and more book reviewers. I'm a reviewer there. Also if you like to read, they do pay, just a little tho.
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  1. Hi Renee, my husband John Mayer writes mystery/crime thrillers set in Scotland. We'd love you to read and review anything of his if you are interested ? mayer.lizzie@gmail.com if you would like more information. Thanks.

    1. ah finally, sorry for the delay, sent you a message.
      Not sure what happened.

  2. Hi, Renee. I recently published my first book Agent Wolf. It's a science fiction spin on werewolves, with a bit of a secret agent twist. If it sounds like the sort of thing you'd be interested in, I would love to send you a copy. You can reach me at wolf@greenhouse.me.uk. Good luck with the blog. David.

    1. Sorry for the delay, had issues. Seems to be working now. Sent you a message, thanks!

  3. Welcome! Can't wait to see what you post. :)


    1. Thanks, I appreciate that! Do you have a banner for your blog? I wanted to add it to my list of blogs, if that is ok?